I’m going to try a little experiment tonight that involves listening to some binaural beats. I’m going to be listen to some in the higher range to see if it can make my mind more active before falling asleep in the hope that I can have an OOBE. 


I knew I would have an OOBE. 

Last week had been a very stressful week and I felt like jacking my job in. I just wanted to get away. 

I’d been to work yesterday morning (Saturday) which was not stressful at all and then nipped into Colchester to pay a cheque into my bank on the way home. 

There was a bit of stress when I got home due to the house being untidy but that was relatively easy to sort out. Then I did a bit of clearing out in  the shed I’m converting into a soundproof room/shed to use as a sensory deprivation chamber for my more controlled OOBE’s. 

By the time I’d finished doing that, it was time to come in and start getting dinner ready! 

I sat down in front of the TV with my dinner on my lap and started watching Stricly Come Dancing. I can’t dance for toffee but just enjoy watching the contestants do their thing. 

Anyway I kept falling asleep. I must of properly dozed off because I woke up at about half past one this morning (Sunday). I really had to drag myself up to bed I was so tired. 

I got into bed looking at eBay on my phone for a new bicycle. After about ten minutes of that I decided it was time to go to sleep. I put the phone on the bedside table and closed my eyes. I noticed my mind was still a little bit active and kind of knew that this was a good time try going out of body. 

I used a slightly modified William Buhlman affirmation “I am out of body, now”. I put the “now” at the end because of a quote by Dr Wayne Dyer, “Any sentence you start with I am, you are creating what you are and what you want to be”.

I thought it would be worth a try. I drifted off at first but realised and woke myself up. I tried again, this time with a bit more purpose. I was saying the affirmation on every out breath and purposely feeling mysel relax, over and over. There is a point where you reach the sweet spot, where your body is asleep and where your mind has slowed down enough, almost to a stop and then bang I was hit by the vibrations. 

I was vibrating away and knew I was downstairs in our kitchen before the extension was built. I was kind of scrabbling away to get out. I felt myself pivot around my feet turning through 180 degrees and then gently came to rest on my back. Realising I was still struggling I let myself relax. At that point I found myself back in my body. I felt that my heart was racing but when I checked my pulse it was normal but I could still feel this beating in my chest. I wondered if it was something to do with Chakras, not something I know anything about really. 

By this time I was fully awake and so went through the process for a second time. I got the vibrations again but they came and went very quickly. I got the vibrations back for a third time but by this time my mind was to sleepy and I fell asleep. 

It was an interesting night. It has kind of thrown a curve ball into my thinking about the process to achieve an OOBE, not to curved but enough to make me question some of my ideas. 

Once I’ve had time to process what happen this morning I will post an update. 

OOBE’s. It’s all about the preparation. 

I think I’ve said this before but I honestly believe that in order to go out of body you need to prepare. I have placed way too much emphasis on the “technique”, rather than getting myself ready before. 

You don’t just come home from a stressful day at work lay down and have an out of body experience. You have to unwind first. You need to get yourself in the right place mentally and physically before if any technique is going to be of use to you. 

It’s all about the ritual (preparation).

Almost there. 

Last night as I lay in bed I felt tired but my mind was quite awake. I lay as still as possible reciting my affirmation. It took quite a while but I had just begun to feel my body falling asleep. My mind was still active and it felt like I was good to go out of body. Then something woke me up. 

I tried again but the next thing I know it’s time to get up for work. 

It’s good to know that I can manage to stay awake long enough to get the OOBE process going again. Will try again tonight. 

Trying to replicate last weeks OOBE success. 

All this week I’ve been trying to replicate the conditions from last weekends OOBE success but as yet without the same result. I’m still as tired as I was last week so that part is the same but I’ve not been able to replicate my state of mind. 
To recall that state, my mind seemed fluid and focused and when I repeated the affirmation over and over I really meant it. With each affirmation I allowed myself to relax. In the past I would say the affirmation with a kind of forcefulness to make it happen, which is counter productive because it would make me tense up. The opposite of what I needed. 

So tonight I will repeat my affirmation while relaxing  and hope for the best.