Heart felt affirmation. 

That’s what I’m going to try tonight. 

I had been thinking about what I meant when I said that you need to mean what you say when you recite your affirmation. You need to feel your affirmation with your heart and feel yourself relaxing. 


Almost there. 

Last night as I lay in bed I felt tired but my mind was quite awake. I lay as still as possible reciting my affirmation. It took quite a while but I had just begun to feel my body falling asleep. My mind was still active and it felt like I was good to go out of body. Then something woke me up. 

I tried again but the next thing I know it’s time to get up for work. 

It’s good to know that I can manage to stay awake long enough to get the OOBE process going again. Will try again tonight. 

Trying to replicate last weeks OOBE success. 

All this week I’ve been trying to replicate the conditions from last weekends OOBE success but as yet without the same result. I’m still as tired as I was last week so that part is the same but I’ve not been able to replicate my state of mind. 
To recall that state, my mind seemed fluid and focused and when I repeated the affirmation over and over I really meant it. With each affirmation I allowed myself to relax. In the past I would say the affirmation with a kind of forcefulness to make it happen, which is counter productive because it would make me tense up. The opposite of what I needed. 

So tonight I will repeat my affirmation while relaxing  and hope for the best.


I think from my prospective the process or steps to having an OOBE became a bit clearer after Sunday mornings OOBE. Whether that tallies up with anybody else’s experiences I don’t know. 

On Sunday morning my mind/consciousness was definitely in a certain state. It was kind of fluid and awake with no resistance to thoughts or repeating affirmations. In fact it had a soft but definate focus on the affirmation. It was easy to keep on track. My body on the other hand was very tired. 

I had wondered if this happened because I had been focused on clearing out my shed so I could create my soundproof OOBE shed. This would have always been in the back of my mind. 

Maybe the films I had watched before going to bed had had an effect. 

But what really did stand out was the state of my mind prior to the OOBE. I just need to replicate and bottle that. 

OOBE success. 

Early this morning I was successful in having an out of body experience! But first a bit of background information. 

Last week was no different from previous weeks other than my boss was away on a business trip which meant that work was less stressful than usual! 

As normal I hadn’t had enough sleep during the week and was hoping to catch up over the weekend. I have to work every other Saturday morning and this was my Saturday to work. After work I drove home. Once home I started on clearing out my shed. I’ve got two sheds, one is about five years old and in good shape. The other is much older and made out of what ever the previous owner of the house could find, it’s bigger but in a bad state of repair. It’s full of stuff and you can hardly move in there. I’m trying to clear it out so I can clear out my other shed, which I’m going to convert into a sound proof shed. The reason for the sound proof shed,,, is to practice meditation in and all things OOBE. I’ve still got a lot to clear!

After finishing with the sheds for the day, I went in for something to eat. It was a bit of a TV dinner and after consuming said dinner I settled down to watch TV. I was knackered. I think I fell asleep for a while but woke up half way through a film called The Host. It wasn’t the best film ever but I found it interesting. After that I changed channels and watched the rest of The Hunger Games. I’d never seen it before and thought it was quite good. 

I had a quick shower and went to bed. Had a cheeky look on eBay for a new single speed bike and then settled down to go to sleep. 

I was tired, it was 1:15 in the morning but though I would recite William Buhlman’s affirmation “Now I am out of body” over and over until I fell asleep. I thought I’d give it a go, in fact you could say something was telling me to do it. I started saying it over and over and noticed I was becoming tense because I was trying to will something to happen. Once I realised this I relaxed. The only thing I can think of that comes close to what I was doing is when you meditate. You don’t force yourself to meditate and you don’t force yourself to go out of body. Having said that, after repeating the affirmation several times I realised that it needed some desire in there to help give it some weight or momentum or something like that. Just repeating it over and over was not enough. Somehow I knew this would work, the planets had aligned at last. 

I must of dozed off for a nanosecond and I was hit by the vibrations. They didn’t scare me this time but I did find myself scrabbling to get out of body. I could hear myself breathing as if I was choking! I tried desperately to float up to the ceiling as I could feel the vibrations begin to subside. As it turned out I I didn’t need to worry about getting out, I was out! 

I couldn’t see anything at first but then I started to become aware of where I was. I was in my childhood home in Twickenham. Once I’d got my bearings I did a loop the loop in my bedroom and flew out the closed window. I became very aware that I was floating / flying and said to myself that I did not want to fly along at a million miles an hour because that would scare the shit me. I wanted to take it easy. 

I ended up floating along really,,, a bit like how I drive these days! I was probably about 30 metres off the ground and and was floating along the edge of a forest. I saw a small clearing, which I some how manage to overshoot but stopped myself and turned around and went back. As I entered the clearing I could see some kind of small but grand house if that makes sense. I started to descend towards the chimney stack where there were several chimney pots but they were not made of terra cotta they were made of plastic pipe. Seeing these plastic pipes brought me back to the physical.

I opened my eyes and wondered where the hell I was. I was back in my bed. I checked the time, it was 1:32 am. Only seventeen minutes had gone by. I was really chuffed with what  had happened, I had got out of body and was in some sort of control of it. I lay there for ten minutes debating whether I should try again but something was making me stall for time, so I picked up my phone and recorded what had just happened so I didn’t feel so bad for not going out again straight away. 

I checked the time again and it was 1:45 am. I convinced myself that I needed to be brave and that I should try again. I put my phone down and closed my eyes and started repeating the affirmation again. Somehow I knew this attempt would not work and unfortunately it didn’t. I have to say that I was gutted and that I should of tried again straight away.

This experience t boned me somewhat because I had thought that tiredness and fatigue were at odds with the out of body experience. 

Also I’d forgotten to mention that at the beginning of this week I had been using the law of attraction by visualising the future I want. I don’t want to say what it is because I feel it looses it power if you tell anyone. What I would say though, is that it was not directly  related to having OOBE’s.

One last thought / question. Are out of body experiences the result of a “technique”, a set of conditions or both???