OOBE notes. 

These are notes I have made over the last six months or so about OOBE’s. They came in what I call moments of clarity, where they seem to pop into my head. They seem to be triggered when I’m reading about OOBE’s or maybe just in a quiet moment. I don’t necessarily claim the statements to be my own because I’ve read a lot on this subject, I think I might of rehashed what others have written or said but in a way that I now understand. I also think it’s very important to have as many people’s opinions and ideas as possible because it adds depth to our knowledge of OOBE’s. I have edited them a bit so they hopefully will make sense but they may still be a bit random. So without further ado, here we go:


You need to stir up your emotions and fire up your imagination. 

Cultivate your attitude towards OOBE’s being possible and that you will have one, is a good way to help you having one. 
Wouldn’t it be great if I could come up with a fool proof method of having OOBE’s, that’s a million times easier than anything out there at the moment and get the skeptic’s to try it out. That could change the world.

I think that if you spend a week doing all things OOBE you are more likely to have one. 
Just wondering if I should organise a retreat were it’s peer lead. Everybody contributes, in a wisdom of the crowd way.

Use wisdom of the crowd to come up with a list of the most important things needed to have an OOBE because the crowd is more intelligent than the individual expert.

Have an OOBE peer group and you are more likely to have an OOBE.

Release, relax, let go, surrender and watch what your mind shows you rather than trying to think or do some technique. 
It takes about ten or fifteen minutes for my mind to quieten down.

Rather than set the intention to have an OOBE, set the intention to let go and surrender because there is a part of me that doesn’t believe I will have an OOBE.

Make sure you have no compounded tiredness, get plenty of sleep for at least a couple of days before you OOBE. It has to be over a couple of days because you cannot recoup from compounded tiredness in one long sleep.

Provide yourself with the most favourable environment to have an OOBE.

Sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself about OOBE’s.

Allow your body to be still and your mind to be silent.

Do you think with your brain or your consciousness?

Is it a case of mind body and spirit? Where its your spirit that goes out of body?

Body asleep, brain asleep, spirit awake!?

Suspend all your beliefs during your OOBE sessions so that you can allow something interesting to happen. Your beliefs are filters on true reality.

Do you feel with your heart?

I know what it takes to have an OOBE but what I hadn’t realised is how important preparation before your session, that you must take the preparation seriously and that you must practice. No half hearted efforts. You must surrender 100%. You must let go 100%. You must relax 100%. You must not try 110%. It takes 110% no effort. Do not “try” to relax, just let yourself relax. Do not “try” to surrender, just let yourself surrender. Do not “try” to let go, just let yourself let go.

For an OOBE you need to be relaxed. 

For an OOBE you need to surrender to letting go. 

For an OOBE you need to have a quiet mind. 

For an OOBE you must not think. 

For an OOBE you must not force any of the above.

I’m thinking again that what you do before your OOBE session dictates how your OOBE session goes. It depends on you, maybe an hour or less of preparation or maybe 24 hours of preparation before doing your OOBE session. And by preparation I mean to saturate your mind with all things OOBE. Read about OOBE’s. Contemplate OOBE’s. Get your desire to have an OOBE white hot. Visualise having an OOBE. Do what ever it takes to saturate your mind about OOBE’s. Once you have done this your are probably ready but you may have to practice to get it right.

Saturate your mind by stoking your desire to have an OOBE or by firing up your imagination about how amazing an out of body experience would be.

Have your mind fully focused on OOBE’s.

Don’t be saying a mantra over and over in your mind but be thinking about what you want to eat tonight or be reading a book about OOBE’s but thinking about work. Have your whole mind 100% or as much as possible focused on OOBE’s but you do have to practice to sharpen your focus.

Looks like you need to create a mental and physical environment to maximise your chances of having spontaneous thoughts about your passions and desires (OOBE’s).

Be accepting of yourself and your desires.

Desire pulls you, passion pushes you.

Maybe ask for help from the other side.

Allow help into your life to help you achieve your OOBE’s.

To be able to see it in your minds eye will help.

Surrender 100%.

Wait with expectation for the OOBE to happen but do not try to make it happen.

If you use affirmations, as you say each affirmation, let go. The affirmation is not going to produce the OOBE, it’s the letting go. The affirmation points you in the right direction.

Let go 100%.

Your brain is a filter and colours every thought, when it stops doing that you have a chance to see beyond this physical reality. In other words your brain narrows reality down to something very very small. Shut the brain down and you can see all of reality without filters.

Stop the filtering and you’ll have an out of body experience.

Maybe going into the OOBE session with a feeling of love and euphoria will help generate an OOBE.

Increase your levels of dopamine by listening to music, exercising, doing chores that need doing, be creative, detox your body, avoid addictions and meditate. These will help you feel good and so increase your chances of feeling the love that may help with an OOBE.

Had a moment of clarity. Sometimes when I try to have an OOBE and put zero effort into trying to have that OOBE even that is to much effort. My mind is already tired and trying to put no effort in is tiring in itself and makes my mind more tired and I fall asleep. That lead me to feel that by practicing letting go of all the things in your life and setting yourself free for that moment will energise your mind and allow you to stay awake long enough to have an out of body experience.

 The only time I have to practice astral projection is on the weekends but sometimes I just can’t be bothered because it’s to much effort and I get disheartened when nothing happens and I fall asleep, so I don’t try.

To switch off your brain to facilitate an OOBE you need to reduce or switch off all sensory inputs.

I think some people must be able to switch off there brains better than others and that includes me.

During a near death experience when the person is clinically dead, there is no brain activity. It’s the no brain activity part that I’m trying to replicate. No brain activity equals OOBE?

Relaxed body minus brain activity equals OOBE. 


Please spread the word. 


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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