Last Thursday night I made a conscious decision to create the right conditions for an OOBE before I went to sleep. Having had a few days off work I was quite rested and knew that I wouldn’t just fall asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. I have done this before and had some interesting results but not always OOBE’s. 

Quite literally I go to bed with the intention to have an OOBE. I lay as relaxed and still as possible, waiting for my body to fall asleep before my mind. And that’s it. 

As often with these things it didn’t quite go to plan and I fell asleep. 😳

However I do recall the short dream that came out of it. 

It’s a dream I’ve had several times before but only realised that this time round. 

The dream consists of me walking along a street and coming face to face with a vicious dog. We start fighting as usual (?) but I quickly start to slow down until I can no longer move. And then I just wake up. 

On this occasion though I thought I was awake because I remember opening my eye. As my eyes opened I could clearly see the siloete of the dogs head snarling on my bedroom blind. I could see it for at least 10 seconds, then it started to fade away to be replaced by a glow coming from behind the blind outside. Which was odd because it was the middle of the night. 

After that I must of fallen back to sleep because the next thing I know it’s time to get up. Having said that I do wonder if I was actually awake when I thought I was or was I just lucid in a dream because of what I saw. I’m guessing I was lucid. 

I goes to show that some preparation before going to sleep seems to make interesting thing happen for me. 


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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