I think I get it. 

At last I think I better understand what goes into achieving an OOBE and it was down to reading a book on meditation. 

The book is called Silence your mind by Dr Ramesh Manocha. It’s a brilliant book. 

I think I mentioned this in my last post but here it is again. Dr Manocha says, you don’t do meditation, you experience it.

This I feel can be applied to achieving OOBE’s.

You don’t do out of body experiences, you experience them or put another way, don’t force it, desire it. You are trying to create the best conditions conducive to having an OOBE. This is very important for OOBE’s. 

The book talks about meditation being about experiencing mental silence. Basicly no internal dialogue. This is also very important for OOBE’s. 

Add to the mental silence, the condition of body asleep mind awake, you have the condition conducive to an out of body experience. To get your body to fall asleep but remain aware you need to be very relaxed and very still. Again, very important.

Once you’ve achieved a body that is asleep and a mind that is awake but silent at the same time, you need to allow this state of being time to develop into what you desired, an out of body experience.  

So, to recap. 

  1. Desire an OOBE to set up the conditions, then;
  2. Allow your body to fall asleep and;
  3. Achieve mental silence and then;
  4. Allow the experience to develop. 

I don’t know if it will happen straight away because getting your body to fall asleep but remain awake takes practice as does achieving mental silence. I can achieve the body asleep part but need practice with the mental silence….

Anyway,,,, I’m off to put my money where my mouth is. Who’s with me??? 


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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