Almost an OOBE. 

Polishing Boot House with Shoe Polish.

Last night I almost had an out of body experience.

I went to bed at about 10 pm and found myself nodding off about half an hour later. I turned the light off and settled down.

I decided to try and day dream about my childhood home again. It was quite easy this time, requiring no real effort. I did this until I fell asleep.

About 15 minutes later I became aware. I think I could feel some vibrations but what I could definatly feel was a sence of my astral body exiting through the side of my head. I think I then became too aware of my physical body because the sensation subsided. I found myself focusing on my breathing, or more precisely when I breathed out. I noticed that everytime I was breathing out I could feel a sence of energy in my solar plexus, I have to admit I’m not sure what this is about other than to help me get back into the OOBE.

Unfortunately I was not able to get back into the OOBE but I think I learnt a couple of things.

1) This approach may well be the one for me.

2) You need to remain unaware of your body while remaining consciously aware.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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