Two very brief OOBE’s. 


Ok, this happened Thursday evening. During the day a colleague at work had spoken to me about lucid dreaming as it’s an interest we both share. He was telling me about some articles he had read describing people’s experiences of LD. One of which involved a woman spending some time away from home and not being able to sleep very well but reported having several lucid dreams. This story reminded me of a story that I had read many years ago about a prisoner of war having out of body experiences. He spent a lot of time thinking of home, as probably all POW’s do.

These two stories made me think it was worth having a go at an OOBE that evening and that I should try focusing my thoughts and imagination on my childhood home in Twickenham, west of London.

The rest of Thursday was fairly uneventfull other than being called a FW while cycling home from work.

That evening I didn’t think much about OOBE’s, in fact most of it was spent looking on the Internet for a new bicycle.

It was getting late so I decided to go to bed. It was about 10:45 when I eventually called it a day, I was knackered and turned the light off.

My thoughts returned to OOBE’s. I started to visualise my old home in Twickenham. Normally I have trouble visualising thing but this was easy, like day dreaming where you do it without trying.

I fell asleep very quickly but became aware because it felt like I was buzzing, I instinctively knew that this buzzing was in fact the vibrations you can sometimes feel before an OOBE. It is strange but I just knew what to do to go out of body. But I just can’t describe what “knowing what to do” is. Anyway I started to separate from the physical and immediately started to hear a loud groan and got a sense there was something behind me that was not friendly. It startled me and I went back into my body.

I still had the feeling so I decided to separate again, this time determined to get out. It was easy to get the buzzing/vibrations going again and I started to separate. The groan noise was still there and tried to shout out to it that I was going to face it what ever it was but I couldn’t move or speak. I had sleep paralysis. I tried again to move and shout out but nothing happened and I ended up returning to the physical.

After this I became too awake and was not able to do it again.

I was pleased with what had happen because however brief these experiences were I learnt a couple of things.

1) Definately use your imagination like a day dream just before falling asleep if you can and imagine somewhere away from your physical body.

2) Don’t spend too long thinking about it. Because you might introduce negative thoughts into it and the OOBE won’t happen.

3) Talking to someone else about this stuff can help get the mind set right.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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