#OOBE. Chatty mind and quiet mind. 


I’m probably repeating myself again, as I’m sure I’ve said something like this before but just have the urge to write this down because some of it may be different.

I have noticed that my mind can be very chatty, it just will not shut up. I know it is within my control to stop it but that can be difficult at times. Normally I let it chatter away until it slows down but that takes about 15 minutes and that 50% of my morning session.

When my mind is chattering away, the chattering seems to be located in the front of my head but when it goes quiet my thoughts are then located deeper within my head, almost in the middle. I can still think but there is no chattering. It seems like there is a difference between the two and that is the reason for this post. But I’m not sure what this means just yet. 😳


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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