Lightbulb moment.


This morning it kind of hit me or maybe I was just being very honest with myself, that the way things stand right now I’m not in the right place mentally or physically to have an out of body experience. And to be brutally honest again to myself, since I started out on this quest I don’t think I’ve ever really been there. But and for me its an important but, if I had not of spent the last four plus years doing this I would not of come to this realisation (or learnt anything), and that is to be successful in OOBE’s I need to be mentally and physically relaxed, chilled out, rested, etc. I think I tweeted a while back that I needed to take a month off work to recuperate and I think that’s true. This much is clear to me, you need to be in the right place.

For the record I don’t think my life I that stressful, it’s just I’m not relaxed enough.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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