Another OOBE lesson.

Last week I wrote a post about what I called the mechanic of an OOBE. It took me about an hour to put my thoughts into words. After I posted it I remembered that I had referred to what I had learnt through my OOBE sessions as trying to assemble the pieces of a puzzles in the dark. It still seems apt as I am sure I still have many things to learn. But what my last post on WordPress also did for me was to make me focus on the out of body experience for an hour. Some how this focusing seems to tap into something, it was easy to maintain this level of attention on one thing, OOBE’s. I didn’t have to try at all, my mind was totally consumed with thoughts on OOBE’s.

And that’s where I relearnt a lesson and learnt about another facet of out of body experiences.

The relearning part came about because that night following my last post I became vaguely aware I was dreaming and when that happened I felt a shiver down my back. It woke me up. I then realised that shiver, was probably the vibrations. During the next day at work I remembered how many times in the past when I had been thinking about OOBE’s and then had an interesting albeit vague OOBE. There is something about focusing on it that seems to make things happen and that is what I was referring to when I said you need to take a week off work to practice and focus on your OOBE’s.

The other OOBE facet I learnt is a subtle one but it is with regards to trying to remember your dreams. Whenever I try this I start waking up after the dream has finished and remember it.

The link between remembering my dreams and OOBE’s for me is that when I focus my attention to remember my dreams, I seem to be able to and when I really focus on OOBE’s something seems to happens. The only difference I’m aware of between the two is the amount of focusing required. I’m not sure why that is though, at least not yet…

I shall see what happens tonight after having written this post…


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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