Mechanics of an OOBE. 


To use the word “mechanics” does not feel quite right but it does seem to counjure up the image of putting certain things together in a certain way to make something happen and I guess that’s why I’ve used it in this context.

I can not claim to be an expert in this field but an enthusiastic amateur. For the past four years I have been practicing what I call OOBE sessions, to try and have an out of body experience. I have had a handful of vague successes but no fully conscious OOBE.

I have probably read most of the books out there on the subject and owe all the authors a big THANK YOU but I’ve never been able to stick to the techniques they have written about. In truth the word techniques niggles me as well because I feel this is a natural “process” and if you stick too rigidly to a technique you can become to tense. If you are too tense nothing will happen.

So after four years of near daily OOBE session, plus 35 years of interest in out of body experiences, for me it boils down to this;-

1) Lay down, get comfortable and keep still. Allow your body to fall asleep but stay mentally aware.

2) Let your mind relax in its own time and become quiet and still. Remain aware.

3) Remain aware and “surrender” to letting go of everything. Let go of all your beliefs for this session.

4) Take a week off work and practice the above steps three or four times a day.

This is where I am at.  I need to take the time off work to unwind and relax mentally and physically.

I am still learning and i may end up altering these steps but I feel I am building a very solid foundation on which to put certain things together in a certain way.

Kind regards

Dave Carr. 😊


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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