“I heal myself!”

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the wilderness of consciousness

For the last two weeks I have been anxious to have an OBE to attempt healing. So anxious was I, that I was unable to reach sleep paralysis! Typical. All weekend I tried the Wake Back to Bed technique which only made me more and more sleep deprived because I never accomplished the back-to-sleep part. I knew I had to let it go. And of course it’s when I let it go that these experiences usually happen.

This morning Ban woke up at 5:30 and talked and yelled about how he couldn’t go back to sleep for about 45 minutes. I lay with him, nursing and cooing at him. Waiting patiently. Finally it was quiet and I sensed him drifting into dreams, and soon I felt the world of dreams calling to me too.

But instead, I felt the surging, roaring, sinking, weight of sleep paralysis fall upon me. I…

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Writing about all things OOBE.

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