Honest (Heartfelt) Emotions.

Most of yesterday was spent thinking about all things OOBE. I also had a snooze in the afternoon so I would not be tired later on when I did my oobe session. Whilst thinking I remembered something that had been in the back of my mind for a while and that was to create an OOBE mind map. (Which I now have.) I don’t think it is complete, I feel it needs refining but I want to keep it as simple as possible.

While doing the mind map it helped me remember an aspect of OOBE’s that I feel is important and that is the feeling in your heart that you really want to achieve the out of body state. Then while mulling this over it popped into my head that maybe it should be called “Honest Emotions”. This is because when it is truly heartfelt it is an honest emotion. (At least that’s how I feel about it.) It has probably been said by other people but it only really occurred to me yesterday how important this is.

When I started out originally on this journey about 30 years ago my emotions were more honest and I had some vague experiences. And when I started tweeting about it over three years ago my emotions were more honest and again I had some vague experiences. When I say more honest I mean more heartfelt. They were more honest at the start because it was new and it stirred up my emotions thinking of all the possibilities but over the last three years of doing my sessions it has just become a routine with next to no emotion.

So late yesterday afternoon I set about stirring up my emotions, so I could feel them in my heart. To do this I just had to be honest with myself, really honest. I had to cut through the crap to the point where I could feel it in my heart. Its the same feeling as when you tell someone that you love them and can really feel it in your heart, to almost feel like your heart is bursting with love. I was able to do this ok.

When I went to bed later but struggled to stay awake long enough to get the honest heartfelt feelings going again because for some reason I was tired, despite deliberately doing next to nothing yesterday so I wouldn’t be. (It occurred to me this morning that I perhaps should of just gone to bed earlier.) I was able to muster up some emotions and I did have an interesting dream. In this dream I was trying to get past some James Bond type of character but couldn’t for some reason. When I woke it occurred to me that maybe I was trying to get passed him so I could go out of body.

I also had another dream, where I was sitting having a meal with someone who is very slim and I said to this person “looking at him over there, he’s put on some weight”. The person I was having a meal with looked at me as if to say “WTF are you talking about that’s me”. How could the person over there be the same person sitting next to me? With that I woke up. I realised this morning that this could of been a reality check that I missed because how could the same person be in two places at the same time?

So I consider this to be a big step for me because something different happened last night. To feel honest heartfelt emotions is the way forward…


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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