What Is The Highest?

WOW. That sounded amazing.

the wilderness of consciousness

My 6 month old baby, Ban, and I woke up at 3:30 for an hour and I knew it was perfect to try and have an OBE. After he drifted off into dreams it took me 15 minutes to come up with an intention for the experience but I finally settled on, “What’s the highest?” again. I also told myself to use, “Clarity Now!” if anything got blurry.

I feel the sinking/dreaming/paralysis sensations arrive and I am so happy. I also feel the sensations of pressure on my thighs. There is a presence, but it is helpful.

I float upward and begin reciting, “What is the highest?” and wait until the discomfort and strangeness of this state passes and I am in another world altogether.

I am now floating outside the window of a brick building staring at the tree leaves nearby. I do not recognize this place but I…

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Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

6 thoughts on “What Is The Highest?”

  1. Wow! I am so honored that you shared this experience, one I had just this morning! Also, today I was just thinking to myself, should I stop posting my experiences? But then I saw this and that you are being inspired by reading others’ experiences and it’s very affirming.

    Please let me know if I can help in any way on your journey.

    1. It’s good to read others experiences.
      I’ve been tweeting all my experiences on Twitter for the past three years and blogging some bits and pieces here on wordpress.
      I couldn’t say I’ve had much success but that’s ok because I have learnt plenty,,, I’ve just got to get it all sorted out.
      Can I ask, what method, technique or approach do you use to have your OOBE’s.

      1. I use the Wake Back To Bed technique which I’m sure you know all about. Basically, when my son wakes me up to nurse between 3 and 5am I tell myself, “I am now out of body” and then I go back to sleep after deciding on an intention for the experience. Usually after a minute of hypnogogic imagery I realize my body is falling asleep and I stay awake. I feel the sleep paralysis sensations coming on and it all takes off from there effortlessly.

        Have you ever had sleep paralysis? This is the only way I know how to project. We’ll I guess also through lucid dreaming. Do you lucid dream?

  2. Sorry I did reply twice but looks like neither one was posted.

    I have had sleep paralysis, I had gone to sleep and remember really struggling, trying to move . The next thing I knew I had pushed myself up and I was looking at my body laying face down on the bed. It was all very blurred but I knew it was me. I decided to try and touch my arm, which I was able to do. I cant really described how it felt but I know I did. Unfortunately this woke me up and that was the end of this experience.

    As for lucid dreaming I think I’ve only had one or maybe two. The most recent one I did write about it here. Briefly though I became aware of something in the dream that was not quite right and that made me aware I was dreaming. As soon as that happened I felt myself start to float up and have what I think may have been an OOBE. I then woke up. 😦

    I’d like to ask you another question if you don’t mind.

    When you decide on your intention, how do you go about implementing that intention?

    1. Did you have that episode of sleep paralysis after your journey toward attempting OBEs began or was it before? I thought for some reason you hadn’t had an OBE yet but it sounds like you succeeded to me! Also, that is how my lucid dream OBEs happen too. I realize I’m dreaming and then suddenly feel a floating sensation and then I’m out.

      With my intentions, I usually announce what I’m seeking out to experience during the middle of the transition out of body (which often feels like it takes a few minutes) and just keep reciting it until I feel that familiar shift and suddenly I can see very very clearly and it’s obvious I have landed somewhere else entirely.

      1. Yes I had the sleep paralysis after attempting to have an OBE.

        I have probably had about 10 OBE’s over the last 30 years and most of those have been very vague only two I remember see anything.

        One thing I have learnt is that 99% of the time my mind falls asleep before my body but if I can get my body to fall asleep first and keep my mind awake for a while after, something interesting may happen.

        Can you described that familiar shift feeling?

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