Lucid dream?

Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time online reading up about OOBE’s and watching lucidology’s videos on you tube. I even commented on a post. The videos were especially interesting because they really struck a chord with me with what I had learnt throughout the three years of my oobe sessions. I didn’t realise yesterday this might of had any impact.

This week I’m working late shifts so I went to bed quite late, around 11:45pm. I was very tired and just fell asleep. Within maybe half an hour I was dreaming.

In the dream I found myself in a familiar room, not sure were but there “was” something different about it. It seemed that I was standing near some lockers. I remember turning around and walking to a door but then going back to the lockers. Something was definitely odd about this room. That’s when it occurred to me I might be dreaming. I pushed my hands against the lockers doors,,, they felt solid. Then I decided to do a reality check by pushing my hands through the locker doors. As I began to apply pressure, they began to go through the doors. This was amazing I could see my hands going through the doors up to my wrists. I’m not sure why but when it became apparent this was a dream I woke up.

I remember checking the time and thinking that happen quickly considering I’d only just gone to bed but can’t for the life of me remember what the time actually was.

Thinking about it now, when I was viewing the lucidology video’s they were talking about having a OOBE that very night if you followed there steps. I didn’t follow there steps or intend to attempt any OOBE or lucid dream, I just went to bed.

This has happened before. If I spend some time focusing on OOBE’s something often happens that night. By focusing I mean being really adsorbed in the subject matter (OOBE’s). And to clarify adsorbed I don’t mean just reading and skimming across the words or reading a book but with your thoughts on other things or watching videos with your eyes but not feeling anything.

I guess its like reading a novel that you are really into or that really gets into you, where you really feel the characters. Maybe like a film where you really feel the emotions. Basically it gets into you at a deeper level.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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