Where i’m at with OOBE’s.

I’ve been doing my OOBE sessions for the last three years and have been tweeting about them too. I have had some interesting experiences but no fully conscious out of body experiences. It can be very frustrating at times but I’m glad that I am doing it this way rather than becoming adept at OOBE’s and then having to recount or remember how I got there. I feel I’m laying a very firm OOBE foundation. I have also found that for what ever reason I cannot follow other peoples techniques or methods but that’s not to say I have not learnt anything from reading or hearing about them.

I do what I think and feel is the way to go. I can be thinking about OOBE’s and an idea will pop into my head. I’m not saying this is correct though but just what I feel is right at the time and plus I don’t want to have a “technique” because to say that just does not feel right. I guess I would prefer to call it a “process”.

What I have noticed and seems to have a common thread for me through the last three years is that the most success I have had has been when I’ve been asleep and what occurred to me on New Years Eve 2013 was to go to bed and try to get into the state of mind awake / body asleep. I managed this for maybe five minutes before fully falling asleep. But when I fell asleep that was the point when things started to happen. The vibrations came in very strong and I started to float upwards. Unfortunately I floated back down back into my body almost immediately.

It took me several months to workout how important this experience was.

It taught me it is important to not be too tired because you want to let your body fall asleep first.

That it is important to try and lay as still as possible to aid your body to fall asleep first.

To not have too much “mind chatter” going on in your head but just be quietly and calmly thinking about OOBE’s too “set” the intention in your mind and once that is done allow yourself to naturally fall asleep.

Once you are asleep that’s when things start to happen and that’s where I’m at.

I’ve said before that I might be repeating myself but just needed to get something written down.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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