I had an interesting dream in the early hours of this morning.
Yesterday I finished work at 1pm as usual for a Friday. I got home and deliberately did very little, I even had a two hour sleep from about 4pm to 6pm. The reason was that I wanted to try and stay conscious as I let my body fall to sleep later on when I went to bed.
I eat late around 9pm and then went to bed about 12:30am.
Most of the afternoon and evening I had been focusing my thoughts on OOBE’s.
As I lay in bed I focused my thoughts once again in out of body experiences.
I may of been conscious for a few moments when my body started to fall asleep but I’m not sure.
The next thing I that happened was me waking up after having an interesting dream and actually being able to remember it.
In the dream I was in the living room of my old house. I could clearly hear talking coming through the wall from my present next door neighbours. This did not strike me as being odd though.
They seemed to be having a row and their voices appeared to echo.
Being a nosy so and so, I moved to where the voices were loudest and leant towards the wall to hear better being careful not to knock over the TV that was in the corner. The only thing was, there “was” no TV there. I did wonder where it had gone but as I leant in closer to the wall and put my hands out for support, I noticed that the wall had a very soft feel to it. It felt rubbery. I not sure if my hand did not go into the wall because it seemed to drag when I pulled it away.
I wondered if the wall was going to fall down and it’s then that I woke up. The time was 1:43am.
This experience felt more dream like than OOBE.
It made me realise again the preparation needed before hand and that instead of being exclusively focused on OOBE, I need to give lucid dreams more thought because I think one can lead to the other.

I will try again tonight.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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