OOBE Vibrations!!!

Saw the New Year in watching Jools Holland Hootenanny.

I must of gone to bed around 2am this morning. I had been thinking about oobe’s yesterday and thought that it would be nice to start the New Year off with an oobe. As I was laying in bed I began to feel I might have an oobe. I started to feel something that felt like two rotating spheres made out of steel with rough surfaces colliding with each other, as they ground against each other it sent out a kind of vibration in my head,,,,, sorry but this is about the only way I can describe it at the moment, basicly it’s a weird sensation. I have felt it many times in the past but it is not like the oobe vibrations. I also heard a banging and popping noise but that could of been fireworks still being let off.

Anyway I decided to attempt an oobe.

I laid as still as I could to let my body fall asleep first, which it did. Because it was late and I was tired my mind was quiet, hardly any mind chatter. I guess I had set my intention to have an oobe without mentally saying anything. As I lay there I must of drifted off. The next thing I know I’m hit by the vibrations and begin to feel myself float up to the ceiling. I try to stretch my right arm out to touch the ceiling but feel nothing. Then I start to speak to myself, saying something about this being an oobe and that I need to move outside. I think this made me become aware of my physical body and I felt myself floating down into the physical. The vibrations lasted for maybe another 30 seconds. All this happened while my cat (Indie) was sleeping between my feet, she did not move and kind of reconfirms that this is an internal sensation because I am convinced that she would move if I was physically vibrating.

I may have said this before but from my experiences it seems that where is a point just when your mind eventually falls asleep that you can have an oobe. I wonder if this is because you have expressed your intention to yourself that you want an oobe, your body is already asleep and, just at the point of mentally falling asleep, you completely forget about your body and your mind goes quiet or blank and that is the time where the conditions are optimal for an oobe.

I realise this is probably not the best description but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I’m hoping that as I refine and work out the conditions for an oobe, my description will become more clear and concise. I have been at this for two and a half years and things are starting to happen now. It may take another two and a half years to get to deliberate fully conscious out of body experience but I feel I will have learnt some very important lesson, which I intend to share.

Also I know I keep repeating, repeating myself a lot!  🙂


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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