Possible OOBE.

This happened on the Saturday 14th of December 2013.

That evening (Friday 13th) I went to bed late and was watching comedy clips on Youtube until about 2:30am on the Saturday. I checked the time before I turned the light out and it was exactly 2:34am. I closed my eyes and decided that I would try to keep my mind awake and my body asleep because my mind seemed to be very active. It turned out to be very active because there was lots of random mind chatter and it took about 15 minutes for my mind to become quiet, at which point I must of fallen asleep.

I started to have a dream or at least that’s what it felt like. The “dream” began with myself and my wife in our back garden. For some reason there was a wood burning stove near to the French doors which my wife had put some towels in to dry out. Because I had opened the doors on the wood burner the towels began to smoke. When I realised what was happening I rushed up to the burner and began to pull the towels out but it was proving difficult because one of the towels had Velcro on it and I couldn’t get it out. Once I’d eventually got the towels out I went and asked what my wife had put in the wood burner. As I was speaking to my wife there was a big flash from where the towels were and I began to wonder if the towels had caught fire. I went to where the towels were and saw a figure running behind the wood burner, I got the impression it was a man. His back was on fire. My wife and I both said “who is that”? We quickly ran to the other side of the wood burner to get a better look and saw the figure run into the corner of the garden where the fence meets the back of the house. Then I woke up. I checked the time and it was 3:15.

41 minutes had passed and I reckon that I had been asleep for less than half an hour, which make’s me wonder if it was some kind of vague OOBE because from what I’ve read, dreams normally occur after about 90 minutes of sleep and are in cycles of 90 minutes. Also I could feel what I can only describe as the after effects of the vibrations, a kind of feeling of vibrational energy but not as harsh. I decided that I wanted to get back into this “dream / OOBE” but felt scared because I had seen this figure. I tried all the same. As I closed my eyes I could sense a light just above my head and had to open my eyes to check there were no lights on in the bedroom or house for that matter. There were no lights on. I closed my eyes again and could sense the light again. this happened a couple more times with the same result. I then started to feel that the vibrations were going to come back and that I’d have an OOBE but I must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was 8am.

This experience definitely had an affect on me and that is why I know it was more than just a dream. I not sure how much more but know something happened.

This experience has things in common with some of the other experiences I have had.

1. Not being too tired. Tends to happen at the end of the working week / weekends.

2. Trying to keep my mind awake and let my body fall asleep.

3. I end up falling asleep, but that is when things start to happen.

That’s it for now, I feel I’m making progress although slowly but I don’t mind because I think I am actually learning the process better this way. But that is not to say I can not learn in other ways, as I have, from reading books, being coached by Graham Nicholls and attending the Gateways of the mind conference and all the other interactions I have had over many, many years. Plus I want to do The Monroe Institute Gateways course sometime.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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