Dream, lucid dream, then OOBE.

I’m still doing my oobe sessions, not every day and have not been tweeting much about them because they are mostly the same and I had seemed to have plateaued. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the subject and some reading and every now and then the penny drops on aspects of how to go out of body. Sometime I think I have completely worked it out and give it a go only to realise it’s not quite working as planed. This is frustrating but I do feel I am making tiny amounts of progress.

For a while now I have been able to let my body fall asleep and keep my mind awake. Its an interesting feeling when this happens, everything seems to go quiet. I say seems to go quiet because I don’t know how else to describe it,,,,,,,,,,, maybe another way to describe it could be a sense of peace and calmness washes over you. Anyway I seem to be able to do this most sessions unless I am really tired. I only found out that this is the Focus 10 level The Monroe Institute use while listening to Luigi Sciambarella of The Monroe Institute UK being interviewed by Legalise Freedom. This is the link to that interview hopefully  http://legalise-freedom.com/?s=Luigi+Sciambarella

I am not sure how I have come to be able to let just my body fall asleep other than doing sessions most week days over the last couple of years. In all honesty it might of been happening long before I notice it but was not sensitive enough to be aware of it and then probably falling asleep (which has happened a lot).

Maybe it was something in the interview or something I have read recently but I began to wonder what I could do when my body was asleep. I had tried affirmation and visualisations but had limited effects for me. Then on Friday 1st November 2013 it occurred to me to do this when I went to bed that night. Instead of just letting myself fall asleep, I would try and only let my body fall asleep. This was one of those moments when the penny dropped.

That night at around 11:50pm I turned the light off and allowed my body to fall asleep. I was just about aware when this happened and was able to have conscious thought. I was not thinking about much but the intention was OOBE.

This is what happened…

I was laying on my front in bed with the cat laying on my back (she has a habit of doing this) I began to start dreaming. The dream started with me walking along the toe path next to the river Thames in Richmond Surrey in the UK. As I was walking along I found myself eating a lamb chop (???). Next in my dream, I found myself in bed, just waking up and the getting up. As I got out of bed I noticed my wife getting out too. I then went onto the landing where I heard a noise in the spare bedroom, it turned out to be the cat knocking something over. As I was looking in the room I began to notice there was something not right with the carpet. It looked kind of fuzzy and just the wrong colour for that room. I kept saying to my wife “this is not right”, “this is not right”. That’s when I began to realise I maybe dreaming and I was becoming lucid. At that moment of realisation I felt myself begin to float upwards. My wife reached out her hand to hold mine as I floated further upwards. Part of me wanted to stay with my wife but another part wanted to float higher up because there was someone to meet. At this point it was an OOBE and I began to feel the vibration but then woke up physically. The time was 12:20am, this had happened within half an hour of turning the light out.

This has happened before, I have fallen asleep on my front and within a very short period of time I have had a small OOBE.

I am not sure if this happened because of this new approach or maybe some other reason but I will try to replicate everything again tonight to see what happens.

Will keep you posted on here and Twitter.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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