307th #OOBE session.

OOBE Session log.   307.

Describe session; Started to relax ok and began to get some very random stray thoughts, i think this was because i was almost asleep. I could then begin to feel my senses dulling down which is a definate indicator that i’m drifting off. I tried to focus on Graham Nicholls technique but fell asleep. Just too tired.



Start time; 4:40am. Finish time; 5:30am. Date; 12/7/12. 

Location? Back bedroom.

Direction of body? 106 degrees E.

Enthusiasm level before? 5/10. After? 5/10.

Pulse before? 60bpm. Pulse after? 67bpm.

What’s been on my mind before session? I need to tidy up the garden this weekend, couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Weather conditions before session? Sunny.

What time did I go to bed? 10:15pm. Up at? 4:00am.

What’s been happening before session? Breakfast.

What have I eaten & drunk before session? Cornflakes and a cup of tea.


Technique used? Graham Nicholls Introductory Vibrational State Technique.

Relaxation level? 8/10.

Stray thoughts? Yes and very random.

Were you disturbed during session? No.

Time constraints? Yes, got to go to work.

Mental focus during session? 5/10.

Equipment used? Blackout goggles and a voice recorder to record what i experience.

What’s happening after the session? Cycling to work.

What did the session teach me? Maybe recording the session is not the best idea i’ve had because i’m not focusing on the session properly. Also, that this may not be the best time for me to do a session either. I guess i’m just to tired.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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