305th #OOBE session.

OOBE Session log.   305.

Describe session; Relaxed well and could feel that i was drifting off to sleep. At this point i was able to stay awake. Did the vibrational technique and could visualise it clearly. I think i fell asleep for a short time but woke to feel some very fine vibrations in the back of my head. Then i fell asleep because the alarm clock woke me up.

Start time; 5:40am. Finish time; 6:20. Date; 9/7/12. 

Location? Back bedroom.

Direction of body? 106 degrees E.

Enthusiasm level before? 5/10. After? 7/10.

Pulse before? 68bpm. Pulse after? 71bpm.

What’s been on my mind before session? A feeling of disappointment that i felt no vibrations during the night.

Weather conditions before session? Overcast.

What time did I go to bed? 9:40pm. Up at? 4:30am.

What’s been happening before session? Breakfast.

What have I eaten & drunk before session? Cornflakes and a cup of tea.


Technique used? Graham Nicholls Introductory Vibrational State Technique.

Relaxation level? 8/10.

Stray thoughts? Only during the relaxation.

Were you disturbed during session? No.

Time constraints? Yes, got to go to work.

Mental focus during session? 7/10.

Equipment used? Blackout goggles and listening to brown noise.

What’s happening after the session? Going to work.

What did the session teach me? That i need to learn more.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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