303rd #OOBE session.

OOBE Session log.   303rd.

Describe session; Fount it difficult to focus at first but did feel a floating sensation in my left hand. Was try hard to stay awake but the  sleeps got me. 😦

Start time; 5:10am. Finish time; 5:50am. Date; 6/7/12. 

Location? Back bedroom.

Direction of body? 106 degrees E.

Energy level before? 6/10. After? 6/10. 

Enthusiasm level before? 6/10. After? 6/10.

Pulse before? 57bpm. Pulse after? 64bpm.

What’s been on my mind before session? Getting ready for work and thinking about getting into London later for a friends birthday.

Weather conditions before session? Overcast and raining.

What time did I go to bed? 11:30pm Up at? 4:30am.

What’s been happening before session? Breakfast.

What have I eaten & drunk before session? Cornflakes and a cup of tea.


Technique used? No chance to use a technique. (Unless sleep is a technique. 🙂  )

Relaxation level? 10/10.

Stray thoughts? Yes at first.

Were you disturbed during session? No.

Time constraints? Yes, got to go to work.

Mental focus during session? 2/10.

Equipment used? Blackout goggles.

What’s happening after the session? Going to work.

What did the session teach me? A lot of the sessions teach me that i need more sleep and to get to bed earlier but i’ve still not listened…  Although i’m still falling asleep with these early morning session and i did say that i was going to focus on quality, not quantity, i still feel it’s important enough to keep doing the sessions at this time. There is something to be gained for me.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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