299th #OOBE session.

OOBE Session log.   299

Describe session; Hard to focus at first, lots of random thoughts. I could feel a pulsing at the back of my head and a kind of fuzzy feeling all over but can not describe it any better at the moment. I also might of drifted off to sleep for a while.

Start time; 5:30am. Finish time; 6:20am. Date; 2/7/12. 

Location? Back bedroom.

Direction of body? 106 degrees E.

Energy level before? 6/10. After? 8/10. 

Enthusiasm level before? 6/10. After? 9/10.

Pulse before? 64bpm. Pulse after? 79bpm.

What’s been on my mind before session? Thinking about OOBE’s.

Weather conditions before session? Slightly overcast but with sun shine breaking through.

What time did I go to bed? 11:30pm. Up at? 4:30am. 

What’s been happening before session? Getting ready for work.

What have I eaten & drunk before session? Cornflakes and a cup of tea.


Technique used? Shallow belly breathing, mentally letting go of everything and stating my intention to go out of body.

Relaxation level? 9/10.

Stray thoughts? Yes at first, some about TV programmes and others about pulishing this stuff on wordpress.

Were you disturbed during session? No not this time.

Time constraints? Yes, had to leave for work at 6:30.

Mental focus during session? 8/10.

Physical immersion? Wearing blackout goggles.

What’s happening after the session? Going to work.

What did the session teach me? That i can have a good session before work…


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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