298th #OOBE session.

OOBE Session log.   298

Describe session; Fell asleep at first because i was really tired, then woke up and was able to stay awake and focus on the session. It felt that i was close to having a conscious OOBE. Really good session.


Start time; 11:15am  Finish time; 12:15pm  Date; 30/6/12. 

Location? Front bedroom.

Direction of body? 214 degrees SW.

Energy level before? 6/10. After? N/A. 

Enthusiasm level before? 6/10. After? N/A.

Pulse before? 59bpm. Pulse after? 56bpm.

What’s been on my mind before session? Someone had fly tipped some old window in the road i live in.

Weather conditions before session? Overcast, wind and rain.

What time did I go to bed last night / this morning? 12:30am. Up at? 6:15am.

What’s been happening before session? Just got back from a shopping trip in Colchester.

What have I eaten & drunk before session? Cup of tea and a biscuit.


Technique used? Shallow belly breathing and mentally letting go. Stated intention to go out of body.

Sensations? Feelings of floating within myself, heaviness, energy surges and an inner swirling sensation.

Stray thoughts? That i was going to be disturbed!!!

Were you disturbed during session? Only by outside noises.

Time constraints? None.

What’s happening after session? Change spark plugs on car and then wash it. Tidy up shed.

Relaxation level? 10/10.

Mental focus during session? 10/10.

Physical immersion? Blackout goggles only.

What did the session teach me? To be 100% focused during the session.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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