Haven’t blogged for a while because blogpress didn’t seem to be working.
Anyway, still making my attempts but at the moment I’m not using any white noise, William Buhlman or TMI’s Gateway Experience. I seem to be able to stay awake and focused for longer if I am just left with my thoughts.
I have to be honest, I still don’t think I am putting enough effort in. As WB said if you put in half hearted efforts you will get half hearted results.
Must try harder!

Dave Carr.


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

2 thoughts on “OOBE’s”

  1. I’m a big William Buhlman fan, but i found a combination of his and Robert Bruces’ techniques helped me achieve obe’s. The sad part is the vibrational stage is so intense it scares me out of my trance, but if you can weather it you’ll be out.

    Heres a brief technique i like to use. First I’ll lay down and try to relax. I’ll start with my toes and focus on them until there relaxed/asleep/numbish, then i move on to my foot, my ankle, ect. Normally this takes awhile and it keeps that inner dialog down. Now during this process you might feel sensations in your arm, or leg. When i feel these, I visualize there my energy body, and i just focus on them. youll start to feel them get stronger. this will normally start the vibrational stage for me. Sometimes i have to mix it with a breathing technique i learned from a beginners mediation book when i was a kid. you just breath in through your mouth and out through, your nose, and you just focus on breathing, or something stupid like a lemon. what the lemon feels like, smells like, ect. anything to keep your day from bouncing around in your head. Like william say’s if you give into the inner dialog, it becomes like a screaming baby, and just screams louder ever time you give into it. (not an exact quote.) Anyway, good luck, i hope you have a great experience.

    1. Hi Jonathan
      Sorry for taking so long to reply.
      Thanks for your technique i will give it a go soon.
      I’m making an attempt almost every day and Tweeting the results, i haven’t been successful just yet but hope to change that soon. I’m going to have some obe coaching with a guy by the name of Graham Nicholls. He’s been having obe’s for years and coaches poeple achieve them, so i hope he will be able to help me.
      Can you tell me a bit more about your obe’s, it would be great to hear some of your experiences.
      Yours sincerely
      Dave Carr.

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