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Well i’ve attempted to induce an OOBE 184 times now and tweeting my results on Twitter. I’m hoping things will start to happen soon. Having said that i don’t mind how long it take as long as i get there but i do think that i need to keep better records of my attempts, to help find out what works and what doesn’t.

I have had some out of body experiences but at the time did not realise what was happening.

I will list what i can remember.

Back in the late seventies i got interested in oobe’s after reading bits and peices by Sylvan Muldoon. Very interesting but i thought only certain people could do it. After reading more from a source i cannot rememder now sometime in the early eighties, i remember managing to induce the vibrational state. Unfortunatley this scared the crap out of me and didnt try again for a long time. At this time i told a friend and he thought i was talking rubbish until he tried it himself. He scared himself stupid as well.

The first time i actually got out of body, although it was only my top half and was some time around 1986/7. I remember desperatley trying to get to the vibrational state and nothing happening. Disappointed i fell asleep. After an hour or more i remember pivoting up from my waist and just sitting up in bed. I could not see but knew what was happening and as soon as that happened i felt myself arc back into allignment with my physical body. I was not scared at all, it felt great.

In about 1989/90 i had a spontaneous oobe, i found myself in my spare bedroom, i could not see but just knew where i was. I was crouched down and decided to get up and walk out onto the landing. I noticed that i did not walk, i drifted but it seemed perfectly natural. As i was on the landing i was at the top of the stairs too and remembered reading something about opening your eyes if you could not see anything. I opened my eyes and could see down the stairs, although it was still dark. Seeing this shocked me and i remember waking up with a bang as i slamed back into my body.

1993/4 another spontaneous oobe, i found myself in the chimney breast of my student digs. i was 26/27 at the time. Again i just knew where i was even though i could see nothing.

2001 I had just read Robert Monroe’s first book and decided to use his method that was in the book. I remember the vibrations hitting me like a ton of bricks and being very scared. I could not stop them and started to pray that the vibrations go away. Eventually the vibration did go but i was so traumatised by them i swore i would never try again.

After reading all Robert Monroe’s books and countless others and then finding William Buhlman book “Adventures beyond the body” (which explained everything so well and made me realise how important the vibrations were) i decided to try again. This was the begining of 2011. After using his affirmation method as i drifted off to sleep one night i felt the vibration again, they were very strong but i was not able to covert it to an oobe, maybe i was still a little scared.

I then decided on 5 June 2011 that i would start making oobe attempts and record the results.

As of today 29 December 2011, i have only had spontaneous results. While i have been asleep at night i have been hit by the vibrations, on four occassions nothing more happened but on one i just remember getting up to get a drink and then realising whats happening i slam back into my body.

Going to make an attempt now, will post results on Twitter> 🙂

All the best

Dave Carr.



Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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