OOBE / Astral projection

This morning I attempted an oobe for the 15th time. It was the closest I’ve come to achieving a fully conscious out of body experience. I managed to get very relaxed without falling asleep, my body was asleep and mind was awake. The vibrations i felt were at the back of my head and were very strong but did not startle me. The only problem I have is describing the sensation that followed but I guess you could say it felt like I was floating within myself or within my head. I did seem to have some level of control of the sensation. I was able to make myself feel as if I was floating closer to the surface of my face, like I was going to go through the barrier of my skin.
So far I have noticed two stages, the first is relaxation of the body and the second is keeping the mind awake and focused. I’m sure there are other stages and maybe some more subtle ones in between what I have already described.
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Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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