OOBE / Astral Projection

Still attempting to go out of body.
Have been using an affirmation from William Buhlman’s book. First i have to be relaxed, then start to repeat the affirmation for as long as it takes until I almost start drifting off to sleep. At this point I start getting mental images in my mind, they can be anything really from riding my bike to being at work. This morning I heard music (price tag by Jesse J).
When I realise i’m almost falling asleep I can come back for the point of no return and it’s at this point that I get a surge of relaxation. I’ve said before that it feels like the expanded awareness Robert Monroe talked about. This sensation stays with me and I try to maintain and deepen the feeling further. I also feel very gentle vibrations. These vibrations I need to intensify In order to go out of body because form what I have read they always come before going out of body.
Could be amazing.
Keep you posted.
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Location:Essex UK


Author: Astral Apprentice

Writing about all things OOBE.

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