Vibrations x 3 again.

Yesterday was my second day of not having a job. I had handed my notice in a month previous because the job was just not working out for me.

I had been invited by my ex-employer to attend their Christmas dinner and I’d accepted as I wanted to finish on good terms.

I spent yesterday morning doing some tidying up and getting ready for the Christmas dinner. I was feeling a bit awkward about going to the dinner so I decided to listen to Anthony Peake’s book “Is there life after death” on audible. It’s an incredible book, it really makes you think and I knew it would take my mind off the impending dinner.

The afternoon meal passed without incident and actually really nice. My ex-bosses were on great form. One of the lads brought his guitar in and played some tunes, which was amazing, such a talented guy.

I got home early evening and sat down to watch some TV. My rather overweight blind cat climbed on to my lap and fell asleep as normal.

I ended going to bed later than I’d intended, which was annoying because I was already dog tired. As I lay in bed my thoughts turned to OOBE’s but before I could recite any affirmations or think any constructive thoughts on OOBE’s, I had fallen asleep.

Moments after falling asleep I was hit by a powerful wave of vibrations. It woke me up immediately and I found myself struggling to get out of my body. Unfortunately the vibrations subsided and I was left wondering what I need to do or not do to get out.

As I lay there contemplating I induced the vibrations consciously. I’m not sure how I did it but the vibrations came and went quite quickly without anything happening.

I managed to induce the vibrations one last time but they were very weak and I fell asleep soon after.

What makes this interesting for me is that I’ve had this happen before. Three lots of vibrations. I wondered though if I was influenced by Anthony Peake’s book making me think deeply about these sort of topics.


Questioning what I thought I’d learnt.

It’s funny, just when you think you’ve worked something out and then something happens that forces you re-evaluate what you thought you knew.

Tuesday night just gone I had been repeating my OOBE affirmation and must of dozed off. I was woken up by the onset of the vibrational state. It happened three times. The first two were very brief, maybe lasting a second each. Both had been disappointing because nothing had come of them.

I stayed awake for a while hoping that I might get there again. I did but only after dozing off again. This time they lasted a lot longer, maybe 10 or 15 seconds. The moment they started I relaxed into them, l felt like I had floated up the the ceiling but once again I started to struggle to get out. While it felt like I had floated up, the moment I started struggling I was back in my bed. I managed to get the top half of my body out this way but not the rest. I opened my eyes and I was lying in bed.

It was only the next day when I was driving to work that I realised that I had done no preparation other than the affirmation. So my theory about preparation kind of went up in smoke.

Also it was a Tuesday night, to have the vibrations during the week was unheard of for me. I was dog tired and stressed out,,, not the best state to be in for an OOBE. But it still happened.

It made me wonder, now that I’ve got to the vibrational state several times lately that the OOBE door is partly open and is making it easier. There is a part of me that knows what to do but another part that has no idea and worst of all the part that does know can’t explain it, at least at the moment.

I need to get past the vibrations. 

I might of learnt another lesson with this one. 

As always a bit of background information because I believe it’s important, so bear with me. 
I find my job very stressful at times and I often look for ways to cope with it better. I found a quote by Dr Wayne Dyer which I found very useful a couple of weeks ago. It was his “I am” quote.

On Friday morning just gone, I was doing my morning meditation. His quote popped into my head and I stayed with that thought for a while. I let the thought develop in my mind and realised that I had been using the “I am” in my OOBE affirmations a couple of weeks ago that correlated with the actual out of body experiences I had had back then. 

It made me wondered, if I was to sit down and say the affirmation “I am an out of body explorer” over and over ten, twenty or a hundred times what would happen. 

I soon realised you must not force the affirmation. I found that if I tried to hard to believe it or to focus to heavily on it, I could feel myself resisting it. 

Having trained as a hypnotherapist 17 years ago I knew I had to try and bypass my analytical and critical mind to plant the thought in my subconscious mind. By keeping my focus light I think I achieved this. I think the easiest way to plant a thought in your subconscious mind is to daydream a bit.

Just think of the affirmation and say it a few times and then forget about it and think of something else. When you think about the affirmation again do the same as before. I believe it’s this internal dialogue that has a strong influence in shaping our lives. Every now and again I remember to repeat the affirmation and that seems enough. 

I put this theory to the test on Saturday. Through out the day I would say to myself “I am an out of body explorer” over and over again until my mind wandered. If I found I was getting fed up repeating the affirmation I would stop because the effectiveness of this method would diminish. 

That night I went to bed just after midnight so it was technically Sunday morning. Anyway I lay in bed with my wife’s Fitbit on to see if it noted anything interesting. As I drifted off I had a dream that I was wearing some kind of mechanical kangaroo legs. I have no idea where that came from but just remember thinking that the further forward I leant the faster I would go. 

I half woke up and realised I was at the point where I knew I could induce the vibrations. I kind of slumped or slid internally and I was hit by a wave of vibrations. I tried to separate but just found that I was flailing around, however I almost rolled out. I need to somehow get through the vibrations and separate more easily. 

Unfortunately the vibrations subsided and I opened my eyes. I could just about make out that there were object floating in the room. I was not scared but wary and remembered that this has happened before. 

What I learnt from this is to use “I am” little and often for the best results. 

Unfortunately the Fitbit did not notice any changes in my heart rate or movements. I may invest in one of these new head bands that track your brainwaves. It would be interesting to see if it notices changes in brainwaves when the vibration occur. 

Let me know what you think. 

More vibrations. 

Considering I felt the vibrations early this morning (Saturday) it has now become an interesting week. 

I have to admit that I’m beginning to wonder how much of an influence the previous seven days had on these vibrations coming about. 

I find my work life quite stressful and Wednesday was particularly so. There was also a bit of stress at home. 

Once again I was extremely tired. I get up too early and go to bed to late. I need to go to bed earlier. 

I got home at about 7pm last night, had a TV dinner, spent some time thinking about OOBE’s and I actually recorded a twenty minute voice memo about how I got into OOBE’s, then, as usual now, fell asleep in front of the TV. 

I woke up at about 11pm, crawled into the bath and then went to bed. 

This week I have started to ask myself the question just before I go to bed, do I think I will have an out of body experience? When I’ve asked the question I have to wait a moment to let the answer come through. 

The answer this time was maybe. 

So I started repeating my affirmation, “I am out of body now”. I probably only said it 5 or 6 time before half falling asleep. I became aware of a thought and felt a little vibration, so I fully engaged/considered that thought and was hit by the vibrations. 

I seemed to struggle again, desperately trying to get out. I was able to relax for a moment and felt the vibrations soften. That’s when I realised I could see something but have know idea what it was Other than to say that it looked like I was looking through a window at a very grey sky!!!

I then woke up. Only about 15 minutes had passed by. There is definitely a pattern here but I could do with less stress, more sleep and a healthier lifestyle!

Love this quote. 

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely

This kind of sums up what I’m trying to do here. 

I’m not an expert and at times feel that I’m just fumbling around in the dark trying to find the answers. I’ve taken many wrong turns, run into many dead ends and been very frustrated but it’s here for everyone to see and I feel that is where some of the strength lies in what I’m doing.


My experiment did not work, I fell sound asleep. If I’m honest I was not in the right frame of mind and part of me knew that but thought I’d give it a go. This has made me realise that the weekends are the best time for me to do my OOBE sessions because I think it gives me the time to unwind from work and relax. I think the weekends also give me the time to think about OOBE topics etc and allows me to get into the right frame of mind.